Real Estate 

Managing real estate requires an effective method. Therefore, Arnal uses all of its experience in the sector to maximise the profitability of your assets, establishing clear goals and always keeping strict control.

Rental of all types of properties and plots.
Arnal provides property owners with the trust of a team of experts that finds the best way to proceed when it concerns their home or property.

Consultancy and management of real estate assets.
We take all possible aspects into account to optimise the profitability of your property and thereby providing a financially sound and professional service.

Control and management of payment defaults.
We act as mediators, we monitor the situation and manage the situation in the most understanding way possible. In the event of a lawsuit, we have our own legal department to provide you with a solution as fast as possible.

Management, monitoring and updating of rent prices.
Once the right person has been selected to rent your property, we take care of managing the rent collection.

Property valuations.
If our clients need to assess the value of a property, we take care of it so they can make the right decisions.